Onboarding your entire org on OSlash

Step by step guide to enable OSlash for GSuite Admin


Template onboarding email to send to all your team members

Subject: Leapfrogging our productivity using OSlash!
As some of you know, we’re going to start using OSlash to internally name all our important links. OSlash is an enterprise URL manager that lets teams transform long URLs into simple words such as o/roadmap or o/company-vision.
Learn more about them here - Link
It also connects with tools that we already use, such as Slack, Gmail, Jira.
Why we're moving to OSlash? 
  1. We want to use the best productivity tool to make our lives easier and be more informed.
  1. Having all our links easily accessible and well-structured in one place will help us work together, better and faster. This would allow us to stop wasting our time jumping between emails, Slack, notes, and history to search for links. 
  1. Every Shortcut we create on OSlash is automatically indexed, creating a searchable archive of all our company information.  
How to get started?
  • Step 1: Visit OSlash App and sign up with your work email.
  • Step 2: Download the OSlash extension for Google Chrome, which I just installed in all your browsers.
If you have any questions, please send them to me or support@oslash.com